Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day

Dean was thrilled with the mug that Frankie painted for him at "Your Plate or Mine." Good thing because they charge approximately eighty-five dollars per item.

I love this picture. Could he look any happier?

Molly does not enjoy being forced into affection. Or the bath. Or her crib. Or her high chair.

Does she look like me? Please, can I bear a child that resembles me somewhat? Why do Dean's Polish genes have to be so greedy and shove my (better) Dutch ones out of the way?

Molly the Garden Nymph. No, sadly, this is not my garden. It's my mother's.


susanswenton said...

I'd like to have this one to look at in January.

Crystal said...

What a beautiful family, Saskia, you are absolutely gorgeous! Dean looks just so thrilled to have his girls, so cute~