Sunday, May 17, 2009

At least she's introspective

During Sunday School today, the children all lined up in the front of the church to do a little number involving singing and some light dance moves. Frankie was smack dab in the center of the front row and spent the whole time chewing nervously on her fingernails while the other children swayed and sang.

Me: Frankie, how come you didn't sing and dance with the other children? Were you nervous?

Frankie (cheerfully): Yeah! And I was too busy sucking on my fingers like a baby!

Me: Why were you doing that?

Frankie (with wonder): I don't KNOW! That's what I'm still asking myself!


Molly said...

oh my gosh i love her so much. i can picture her strangely enthusiastic grin and her top lip curled under.

Molly said...

also, it may be time to update your masthead picture. i can barely recognize that jaundiced george hamilton-like infant you're holding. and it looks like dean has a large, sweeping lock of hair across his forehead and i always think he's wearing a toupee (it's your bangs).

Crystal said...

Sweet Frankie!! Maybe she didn't feel the whole "Dancing Generation" song. Seriously, I have to see you and your sister together sometime, both of you are the funniest! Your sisters prior comments had me laughing out loud. You both missed your calling, comedy : )

Analese Forster said...

That is hilarious! She sounds like a witty little thing :)
I can so see Sydney doing that some day...She's the only toddler I know that sucks her thumb AND pinches her neck simultaneously as a soothing mechanism. I pray this habit disappears with age :)