Thursday, April 2, 2009

A typical morning

Frankie, in our bed at 6:20 a.m., well before her designated, and oft ignored, seven o'clock wake time: "Mom. Hey MOM. Can you make me roll-up pancakes?"

Me: "Yes, when it is seven o'clock. Quiet now."

Frankie: "Mom. BUT MOM. Lets pretend we are going EXPLORING under the covers. You want to do that?"

Me: "No, I want to sleep."

Gentle tickling of my ears and face ensues.

Frankie, lightly touching my back: "Who is this person?"

Me, irritably: "Who do you think? A stranger."

More exploration of my body occurs. Fingers penetrate my nostrils.

Frankie, whispering urgently: "Mom. MOM. How many more minutes?"

Me: "Nine."

Frankie, in wondrous exultation: "NONE?"

Me, loudly: "NINE."

Frankie, laughing exuberantly: "I thought you said NONE! Isn't that SO funny, Mom? Isn't it?"

Me: "Hilarious. Quiet now."

Frankie: "Mom. MOM. I think Molly is awake. Lets go get that sweet little child."


Crystal said...

That is so cute!!! What a sweetheart as far as "let's go get that sweet child" : ) I am praying you are doing better!!!

Molly said...

"Who is this person?" made me laugh out loud.