Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not much of a dilemma

Frankie is growing out of her naps. This, of course, is totally devastating to me since I still harbor the insane hope that both my children might someday take a nap at the same time, leaving me to make a wreath out of daisies and dance with wild exultation about the yard. She still desperately NEEDS a nap, it's just that most days she won't take one. Except, of course, if Dean is home and I don't need her to take one because, hello, keeping children out of your hair is what dads are born to do. Still, each day I go through the motions of putting Frankie down for a nap, knowing full well in my heart that it is all for naught. It doesn't help that her nap routine is about as involved as writing my master's thesis was. How I long to have created a child that I bring up to her bed, give her a high five and a good-night kiss, and walk out the door. Instead there are complicated routines involving blue mouthwash and squirting syringes full of water and special sleep socks and a variety of books and songs that all add up to leave me in need of a nap myself when all is said and done.

Yesterday, we got all done with the routine and then Frankie looked at me and said soberly, "Mom, you have to make a CHOICE, okay? These are your choices. Are you ready? Your first choice is I can sleep for ONE HOUR. Your other choice is that I can sleep for however many minutes I want and then get up and play."

Um, I think I will take the first choice.


Teresa said...

Which one did Frankie choose??

SDK said...

She chose the ever popular third option: staying in bed approximately three seconds and then yelling under the door "I'm all done sleeping!!!"

Teresa said...

I'm glad my kids are past the age of my hoping they will actually take a nap. Just the memories of trying to get Mason especially to sleep during the day make me want to gouge out my brain with a dull utensil.

Hang in there!

SDK said...

That is a colorful image and I can totally relate.