Saturday, March 28, 2009

A love-hate relationship

Molly is so sick of Frankie's overbearing physical interference that all Frankie has to do is look at her and her face starts to screw up in irritation and she begins wildly swinging her arms trying to swat Frankie's face out of her line of sight. I can't blame her, and usually yell "That's right! GET HER! GET HER, MOLLY!," since Frankie routinely grabs her around the neck to pull her in some direction, or lies down on top of her, or gets right up in her face to yell at the top of her lungs about how she is such a "sweet little honey heartie." Molly tenses as soon as she sees Frankie coming her direction and you can see her begin to brace herself for the full sensory overload of Frankie's attention. Sometimes there is an initial smile on her face, like, hmmm from a reasonable distance that IS a funny face, but then when Frankie is mugging about seven millimeters from Molly's eyelashes, it all goes sour and the wild slapping begins. It seems like the refrain heard round the house most often now is "LEAVE her ALONE, Frankie. She doesn't LIKE having her hand held all the time." Or "She's just a little baby, Frankie. She falls DOWN when you hold onto her hood while she's walking." I hope Frankie can learn the concept of personal space before Molly learns how to wield sharp utensils.

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