Friday, March 13, 2009

Buy one get one FREE; do you feel the rush?

My blogging habits have sorely deteriorated as I have given in completely to my new obsession and addiction: couponing. I am telling you, leaving Target today having been paid three cents for each of the nine bars of soap I took out of the store, it was like a narcotic high. Though completely legal and legitimate, there was that irresistible sense that I had just put one over on The Man and, let me tell you, it was a sweet feeling indeed. Add that to the six-packs of applesauce for nineteen cents, three free magazine subscriptions, and a convoluted deal involving on-line diapers and rebate forms, and you have yourself one happy and satisfied shopper. Happy, satisfied, and running out of ink from all the on-line coupon printing. DO NOT rain on my parade and start calculating ink cartridge prices.

My sister is dreading taking my phone calls because I have multiple requests for coupon printing and details of some new scheme about how this coupon, plus this one, plus this sale, and your left kidney will get you Puppy Chow. For free! I don't have a dog! Who cares? Free Puppy Chow!

I need these little boosts throughout the day because the girls have been sleeping like crap lately. Molly wakes up multiple times throughout the night and then just feigns hunger so that she can lie next to me and pretend to nurse but really just snuggle right in and sack out. Meanwhile, I can't sleep a wink with a baby in bed with me. So then it ends up being a baby in bed with Dean. Which is better for me, of course, but added to Frankie's nighttime calls for Daddy, he is like the walking dead now, too.

I don't think I'm going to get that third child I've been wanting.

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Molly said...

No Gentle Care wipes at WalMart + Jude in size 3 = Shaft