Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new creation

We've been studying the sacrificial system in Bible Study Fellowship lately. I'll admit, I don't think I had ever really read through Leviticus before, certainly not in such detail. It was fascinating to read it and then compare the old, ineffectual system of sacrifices with the ultimate perfect sacrifice of Christ described in Hebrews. I am especially struck with gratitude that, where the blood of animals didn't take away sin, the blood of Christ REALLY did. Not only is it atoned for, the guilt has been removed too. I forget that sometimes, when Satan the Accuser reminds me of the myriad ways I have fallen. When God looks at me He sees Christ's righteousness, not the filthy rags of every evil thing I have ever done. Dean and I sang this old gospel song together tonight and the words were so meaningful to me in light of what I am studying:

All my sins, which were many, now are gone, gone forever;
I have looked to find a single one in vain;
Thro' the infinite mercy of a dying Redeemer,
They can never, never trouble me again.
They are buried in the deep, deep sea;
They can never, never trouble me!
Cease, my unavailing tears,
For my sins of all the years-
They lie buried in the deep, deep sea.

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susanswenton said...

Wonderful words. I don't know that hymn.