Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mixed feelings

My baby can walk. My baby can WALK. How did this happen? She has been taking five or six steps for a few weeks now but today she has traversed twenty feet or more and boldly walks between toys and between pieces of furniture. She lists to the right quite a bit, and sometimes doesn't quite end up where I think she was aiming, but still, she is definitely walking. She has such a joie de vivre about it, too. She chuckles and giggles and grins her crooked grin and makes happy little gasping nosies as she drunkenly sways. And then I catch her in my arms and squeeze her and clap for her, but inside I am just a little bit sad. I feel like I have only gotten the slightest taste of her babyhood and it is slipping away already. I love that she can move and say things and interact with me, but I want to tell her to slow down, to let me take a deep breath and really look at her, to let me remember her and savor her before my baby is gone.


Crystal said...

I feel the same way!!!!!! I love interacting with them at this age, but where is my baby? Let's both pray that God will help us to remember them as the sweet babies they were and are : )

lrwn said...

If you love babies so much, stop your boo-hooing and have another. Sheesh.