Saturday, January 3, 2009

So call me a lactivist, see if I care

The e-mail I just fired off to FOX news after watching a highly irritating segment:

"As a medical professional, I am surprised you would so flagrantly disregard common medical consensus and allow a psychologist to continue to propagate mythology about breastfeeding. Saying children should stop nursing when they get teeth and are able to consume other "ways of proper nutrition" is potentially dangerous advice. Many infants get their first teeth around four months but there is no medical doubt that either breast milk or formula must be continued for at least the first year of life to ensure proper nutrient intake and prevent anemia. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends EXCLUSIVE breastfeeding (meaning, no solid foods at all, teeth or no teeth) for the first six months of life and also recommends nursing continue for AT LEAST the first year and thereafter as long as mutually desirable for child and mother. Your psychologist mentions the arbitrary age of two and a half as the line where appropriate becomes inappropriate but fails to mention that in societies where children are allowed to wean themselves, the average age of self-weaning is three years old. Furthermore, her insinuation that because children find comfort in nursing they are likely to try to lean down and bury their faces in someone's cleavage on their first date as a result of extended breastfeeding is laughable. Try doing your homework next time and consult with professionals who actually have some experience and knowledge in the field in which they are commenting."

At least I didn't end it with the vitriol I felt like spewing. I certainly never imagined I would be a mother who nursed until her child was, GASP, two-years-old and, HEAVEN FORBID, could actually ASK for milk. But I am quite sure that Frankie will not, in college, when she is stressed, ask to nuzzle up to her roommate's bosom because I let her nurse into toddlerhood.

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Crystal said...

From one Lactivist to another, you go girl!!!! Breatfeeding mothers unite : )