Thursday, January 22, 2009

Overtired babies

Molly has just recently developed a very distinctive facial expression when she is tired. And that is most of the time since she refuses naps the way I refuse to stop eating Cream Cheese and Chives Wheat Thins. Her top lip starts to protrude a little bit over her bottom one and I say "Oh dear, someone has their Tired Mouth on." Then she blows a raspberry at me, grins with her top snaggle tooth on display and slaps my face in joy, knowing she is in for a raucous good time throwing books from her crib, snapping her shades up, and, twice now, taking her pants off, until I cave and go get her. Frankie also had a very distinct tired face and so I hunted up an old photo to compare the two.


susanswenton said...

so cute

Crystal said...

Wow, They are very similar! The tired genes must be the same : )