Thursday, December 11, 2008

The briefest hint of an X chromosome

Frankie played dress-up for the first time today. My sister bought her a fairy skirt, wand, tiara, high heels, etc. last year for Christmas and, I must confess, Molly, she never once put them on. I don't know if it is the fact that her closest friends have all been boys so far, but there is just seems to be no girl in her. But today, at my friend Beth's house, her almost three-year-old daughter asked Frankie if she wanted to play dress-up. Frankie enthusiastically agreed and asked for help donning a frothy purple number with a voluminous skirt and tulle and sashes and beading. As soon as I zipped it up, she smiled and sashayed around the kitchen and twirled to display the skirt to its best advantage. But one minute later, she turned to her friend's six-year-old brother and said "You wanna dump rocks with your dump truck?".

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Matt said...

Saskia I spent a lot of money at Target's One-Spot for those princess items.