Monday, December 22, 2008

The best day of my life

We are buried inside under several inches of snow, single digit temperatures, and gusty blowing winds. Your basic blizzard. It is cozy but I am feeling some cabin fever. A few days ago, my parents watched the girls while I went out BY MYSELF to do some Christmas shopping. The stars aligned and Dean got home from work early to relieve them and I stayed out another few hours. That's right, people, I had FOUR HOURS of alone time. Time to cruise Target's One Spot. Time to comb the clearance racks. I was almost euphoric. I actually tried things on instead of buying them and returning them when they didn't fit. It was fantastic.
I spotted the Goodwill store next to Target on my way out and spent the next hour and a half nosing around there. I shook off my willies at the thought of other people touching things and tried to use my imagination. I don't know why I can purchase half of Frankie's wardrobe at garage sales, but buying something at Goodwill makes me want to buy stock in Purell. I got over it when I hit the book section though. I bought about twenty books for Frankie and promptly wrapped them right up for Christmas. Add one wooden train to the mix and we have ourselves a checked off list.
Then I ruined Dean's Christmas by buying a wooden dresser and a coffee table that will require priming and painting during all of his nonexistent free time. He just LOVES when I buy dilapidated furniture that will sit in the basement for a few years until we give it BACK to Goodwill. What, a girl can't expect her husband to get up earlier than 4:30 a.m. to do a few household projects? Get a work ethic.

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susanswenton said...

a few inches of snow? That's like saying I have a few gray hairs.