Thursday, November 20, 2008

Halloween- A month later

I realized as I was working on my free Snapfish album (Oprah, you finally came through for me), and noticed I had never favored you all with the sight of my kidlets dressed for Halloween. I think you will agree that it was worth the wait. Frankie was a tiger this year. Her neighbor Elliott was a tiger last year. All year, when I would ask Frankie what she wanted to be for Halloween, she of little imagination would say she wanted to be a tiger. So when Elliott's mom, Gina, had her summer garage sale, I was quite pleased to see the tiger costume up for sale. I knew it would satisfy Frankie's exact mental picture of what she wanted to look like, since her mental picture was derived from exactly what Elliott had looked like. Sure enough, she was thrilled. Molly was a little frog, also a former costume of Elliott's. Are you getting the picture of my cheapness here?
Last year on Halloween, Frankie's whole conception of how the world works was completely shaken. She could not believe that you walk up to people's houses and they hand you CANDY. AND YOUR PARENTS SMILE AND LET THEM. She was beside herself, shivering with joy. This year, she knew the score. She knew that treats were coming. She knew LOTS of treats were coming. And she was eager to start eating those treats. After the first few houses, I had trouble getting her to get out of the wagon because she was too busy ripping chocolate open with her teeth and digging in. She had to say 'Trick or Treat' between huge chomps on Kit Kat bars. She really did not want to be bothered with trying to accrue more candy when, darn it, there was plenty sitting in her pumpkin looking up at her vulnerably, ready to have her sharp little canines wedged in them. Eventually I convinced her that she would have even MORE candy to eat at her leisure, if she just postponed the eating for a few moments and actually heaved her small tiger body out of the wagon and continued progressing door to door. Thereafter, she was off to the races. In fact, she apparently mentally likened it to a marathon race so much that she decided her focus, her endurance, her pressing on towards the goal would be impeded if she stopped to use the bathroom. So, undaunted by her bodily urges, she kept ringing those doorbells, kept pocketing those Milky Ways, all while peeing the fur of her tiger costume. Even when I made the unfortunate discovery, after I had picked her up for a quick kiss and came away with a hand full of tiger wee, she waved it off as a minor inconvenience and insisted on finishing up a few other houses. I'm hoping she can put that single-mindedness to use for good and not just for collecting chocolate confections.


Molly said...

those are really cute pictures. wash the pee out so that sylvie can wear it next year, will ya?

leedekam said...

Oh thank you for making me smile again today! I have been known to be too busy to go pee in a toilet as well~there are better ways to spend your time! Frankie is so grown up~the hair!! So cute. I want to see you~

SDK said...

I want to see you, too, Arlene! It has been WAY too long.