Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Exodus 9, the easy solution

Frankie: Tell me a Bible story, Momsie. Tell me about Pharaoh and the blood and frogs and the little tiny bugs.

Me: They're called gnats.

Frankie: They are bugs that are Molly Jo's age? Baby bees?

Me: Kind of.

Frankie: They will fly up your nose and in your mouth?

Me: Yup. It was awful.

Frankie: And in your eyes?

Me: Yes, they were everywhere.

Frankie: If those bees that were Molly's age flew in my eyes, I would cry and cry and cry. If you gave me medicine: Still crying. But if you gave me a Rolo: Stop crying.

Now why didn't the Egyptians think of that.


Molly said...

matt got a hearty chuckle out of that one.

susanswenton said...

She's obviously ready to be a CL