Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dinner time

Frankie: I am going to look at the newspaper with you, Mom. Do you mind?

Me: Not at all, help yourself.

Frankie: I am going to look at things to buy for your birthday. Do you mind if I buy you a blue purse?

Me: That would be nice.

Frankie: Do you have a blue fluffy pillow? I can get you one.

Me: Sounds great.

Frankie: How about blue boots? You have those? I will get them for you, if you want.

Me: That would be great. Take a bite of your broccoli. (Insert small, microwave withered floret into Frankie's mouth)

Frankie: It tastes kind of hard, Mom. I wish you wouldn't make such stones.


susanswenton said...

so cute.

Molly said...

that's hilarious. i could read a running transcript of that kid. exactly how long are you putting those broccoli stones in the microwave, anyway?