Sunday, September 7, 2008

Low on Leptin

Dean and I were saved from our fourth straight night of nachos for dinner. My mom made a pot roast and delivered it to our door. It was like a heavenly vision.
Every single night, I have a plan for a lovely healthy home-cooked meal, but when I discuss my plans with Dean we both agree it sounds disgusting and we high-five each other and say "NACHOS AGAIN!."On the rare occasion that I actually cook something instead of finely dicing the green onions and tomatoes for nachos sweet mouth-watering nachos, we inevitably finish up with our virtuous medley of salmon, salad, and sweet potatoes and look at each other and nod slightly and then Dean makes a grab for the keys and drives wildly to Pic-n-Pac for Rolos and Ding-Dongs. So I feel like we actually come out with a lower calorie count if we just go straight for the nachos.


Molly said...

the sad thing is that nachos are really not that good, saskia, especially the low-fat sour cream and black bean-laden ones that you people find delectable. i wish you would get behind something really fatty and tasty and artificial, such as creme horns. then i could relate to you as a person so much more.

Crystal said...

I want some of your nachos : )