Monday, September 15, 2008


No one and I do mean NO ONE was more excited to see Dean than I was. Not only because he is my beloved husband but also because he represented SLEEP, sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln, UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP. I was queasy from lack of sleep. And I got no sympathy from Frankie.

Me: "Frankie, I am just going to lie here a minute because I feel a little bit sick and I feel like throwing up."

Frankie: "Well, Mom, if you CAN'T do it, then DON'T do it. But if you CAN do it, then DO it in the GARBAGE CAN."

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Jason said...

Hey Saskia,

Great to see Dean (your beloved husband) over the weekend. He definitely was homesick if that makes up for your lack of sleep! He was searching desperately for a perfect gift for you, so was just wondering what it was? Great blog by the way, since your writing took me right back to PA school and that sharp wit. Hope all is well with the family and great to get a glimpse into your Northern household.