Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Mommy

My daughter has croup. I, as a pediatric Physician Assistant, have never seen a three-year-old with croup. She is too old. She has the full barking cough and raspy inhalations. Does this stop me from letting her play with the neighbors? No, it doesn't. Does this make me a bad and selfish mother? Yes, yes, I believe it does. I do feel a twinge of conscience about Evan and Elliott, my next door neighbors who are practically like my own children, but since they have given her day-care runny noses for nigh on two years, I am not going to lose any sleep. And Cole, you have read about him before, since he disses my daughter regularly, well, croup on him, I say.
Frankie not only was Typhoid Mary today, but she was also a really annoying friend. Elliott, who is two months younger than Frankie, is in the stage of toddlerhood where he refuses to share anything and literally runs screaming into the house clutching his possessions and hides them in kitchen drawers to keep from letting Frankie's hot little hands get ahold of them. He pilfered her Sponge Bob scooter (garage sale) today and every time she came near him, he twisted his body to protect it as though he were throwing himself on a mortar round to protect his nearest and dearest. In response, she would weasel around until she put one toe on the scooter and watch with a grim smirk of satisfaction as he went apoplectic with rage and indignation. Is it wrong that I fought laughter?

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