Friday, August 29, 2008

Still plump, still pleasant

Molly gets neglected in these chronicles of daily family life. This is because she does not have a cloud of drama surrounding her and does not require a full performance of the Cirque de Soleil by her parents at each meal to keep her content. She is so content when she is awake, in fact, that I now understand the parents that accidentally leave their children in hot cars and go about their day obliviously confident that there could not have been a baby with them because BABIES MAKE NOISE.
This does not for a moment make her less interesting. She is pleasantly plump, with rounded little shoulders that would taste just right dusted lightly with cinnamon. She is perpetually filled with gas and releases it in such a forceful adult-like manner that it is almost impossible for those around you in public settings to believe that you have not impolitely enjoyed the release yourself. I need a little sign that I can hold up that points directly back to her as the culprit. She does a great deal of throaty growling like large jungle animals, but still doesn't cry. She is a stubborn nap resister, lifting her legs high in the air and thwacking them down on the crib so hard that the walls shake. She has coarse horse-like hair on the top of her head and always smells warmly dusty. She is my precious Poopsie Poopsicle that I would love to swallow whole.

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