Thursday, August 14, 2008

"I want" to go back in time and abolish this rule

Dean and I do our very best to present a united front in our discipline. This sometimes requires a lot of hostile hissing back and forth under our breaths, but we want the kids to know we are on the same page. This admirable goal is made very difficult, however, by the existence of what I like to call The World's Most Stupid Parenting Rule. Whenever Frankie whines and demands things, she prefaces it with "I want...". If denied, she just repeats the request louder and louder as though she couldn't possibly have heard correctly. "I want a sucker, Mom." "No, Frankie, we're having dinner soon." "But I WANT it." "Sorry, maybe after dinner." "BUT I WAAAANNNT IT!" Like maybe I will say, oh you WANT it, I didn't realize you actually WANTED it, here's two. Consequently, Dean has taken to announcing The World's Most Stupid Parenting Rule: "We don't say 'I want' in this family." That's right. We don't say say "I want" in this family. We don't say "I want world peace" or "I want a new kidney" or "I want Christmas to come." Nope, we don't say "I want" in this family.

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